Disallowed ways used in route anyway

I have the problem that a way is usable in one mode of travel (foot) and unusable in another (horse).

I verified with the debugger during import that all flags are zero for the horse encoder, the edges only get a forward and backward flag for foot encoder.

But during horse routing, the ways are included in the route anyway.

My solution still uses graphhopper 0.1, so I know what the obvious suggestion is. :slight_smile:

But my question is: Was such a basic problem ever found and fixed somewhere in the version history of GH?

bye, Nop

Tough question :slight_smile:

We fixed many serious bugs in some of the releases but I do not remember such a bug. Still I can remember that multiple vehicle profiles was a relative new feature in 0.1 before only car was possible I think. I even know the author of this really nice feature :wink:

What does the debugger say for the routing request (not on import)? Is the routing for the two profiles working at all?

The routing with two profiles seems to work nicely. The problem only seems to occur when a way has no flags in one mode.
I believe it was never noticed before as most of totally disallowed ways (e.g. private) are disallowed for all modes or appear in combination with a barrier and barriers work.
I was not able to easily debug the routing as I am using gh as a compiled .jar and unlike the importer I don’t know where in the source to start looking.

Anyway, since the problem is serious (routing over ways marked as life-threatening) it seems that the best way is to rewrite my customization and move to 0.9 in the hope that it goes away. :-I

The entry point for the routing in 0.1 was here: https://github.com/graphhopper/graphhopper/blob/0.1/core/src/main/java/com/graphhopper/GraphHopper.java#L571

With Netbeans you can also do remote debugging: https://www.graphhopper.com/blog/2016/08/04/the-daily-bug-hunt/