Dependency issue after importing

In Eclipse, after importing the project from git repository, i have dependency issues. I am new to maven.

I am using Eclipse Neon2.

In Dependencies view, I can see two dependencies already added;junit and mockito-all.
however, I still have junit dependency issue.

I followed some instructions from StackOverflow. I tried these commands; ‘mvn eclipse:clean’, and ‘mvn eclipse:eclipse’. I still have same issue.

In Eclipse, I also did, ‘Project -> Configure -> Convert to Maven Project’. But still no luck.

Could you please help with this issue? Thanks.

You’ll have to consult Eclipse forums instead or visit stackoverflow. Here are only a few people with Eclipse knowledge (just search eclipse here ;)). BTW: Many devs here use IntelliJ (or NetBeans).

The easiest way to handle maven projects with eclipse is to use the “Import Existing Maven Projects” Feature.

File > Import > Existing Maven Projects