Deliver multiple times to one location

Hi Jsprit community,

First of all, thank you for producing this amazing library.

I will try to describe the problem as easy as possible.

I use an MatrixBuilder.

I have 1 delivery address (Delivery(or Service)). This delivery has a instance of “delivery1” and has a size dimension of 3000.
This is because I want to delivery 3000(kg) of an item.
The delivery needs to be done on the location with id 1.

I made it like this:

Delivery delivery1 = Delivery.Builder.newInstance("delivery1")
.addSizeDimension(0, 3000)     

Then i made the truck and truck type.
The trucks have a capacity of 1000(kg) and start at location 0(which represents the depot)

VehicleType type = VehicleTypeImpl.Builder.newInstance("type").addCapacityDimension(0,
List<VehicleImpl> vehicleList;

vehicleList = new ArrayList<>();

VehicleImpl vehicle1 = VehicleImpl.Builder.newInstance("vehicle1").setStartLocation(Location.newInstance("0"))
VehicleImpl vehicle2 = VehicleImpl.Builder.newInstance("vehicle2").setStartLocation(Location.newInstance("0"))
VehicleImpl vehicle3 = VehicleImpl.Builder.newInstance("vehicle3").setStartLocation(Location.newInstance("0"))


Finally i add the delivery and all the vehicles. To the problem

VehicleRoutingProblem vrp = VehicleRoutingProblem.Builder.newInstance().setFleetSize(FleetSize.FINITE)

There are 3 expected results

  1. All the vehicles(vehicle1, vehicle2 and vehicle3) will drive to the delivery location so 3000(kg) is delivered.
  2. Or one truck will drive 3 trips
  3. Or one truck will drive 2 trips and another will drive 1 so still the delivery is fully done.

The trucks also need to go back to depot when finished.

The result i get back is the following:

| problem                  |
| indicator     | value    |
| noJobs        | 1        | 
| noServices    | 1        | 
| noShipments   | 0        | 
| noBreaks      | 0        | 
| fleetsize     | FINITE   | 
| solution                                                 |
| indicator     | value                                    |
| costs         | 0.0                                      | 
| noVehicles    | 0                                        | 
| unassgndJobs  | 1                                        | 
| detailed solution                                                                                                              |
| route   | vehicle              | activity              | job             | arrTime         | endTime         | costs           |
| unassignedJobs |
| 1              |

Is there any way my problem can be descriped with jsprit.

Kind regards,


I’m very rusty on jsprit these days but it would seem that you have a different kind of constraint violation. Are you using time windows too?

Hi roganjosh,

Thanks for answering.

No in this problem i are not using the time window constraint or any other constraints. The only other constraint is the finite fleet. Could this be the problem?

Kind regards,


Gonna take some stabs in the dark here:

  1. You have a mistmatch of unit sizes. Check everything is in kg.

  2. You have a mismatch in travel times and time windows. Check they’re consistent.

I can’t see anything obvious otherwise, but these would easily explain your problem.

Hi roganjosh,

Thanks again for responding to me. I choose for the example to not use any timewindows. So it couldn’t be that problem. And as u can see the size dimension is 3000 for the delivery and 1000 for the truck.

So unfortunately it isn’t that easy of a problem. I can solve this by deviding the delivery in even pieces so the truck can carry it, but this isn’t such a nice problem solver.

I hope you still got some ideas.

Kind regards,