Creating gpx file, I want to have the line that follow the lane

Hi guys :slight_smile:
I have the question for you!

I am using the,13.619&point=42.259,3.23&vehicle=car&locale=it&key=MY_KEY&gpx.route=false&type=gpx
for creating the gpx file. Until here it is fine
I will want have two files gpx for each way (follow the current lane). I call two time the url inverting the points like this:,13.619&point=42.259,3.23&vehicle=car&locale=it&key=MY_KEY&gpx.route=false&type=gpx AND,3.23&point=41.2608,13.619&vehicle=car&locale=it&key=MY_KEY&gpx.route=false&type=gpx
but the two lines overlap.the center of street.

Is there some way to separate the line? (i.e. when I create the gpx use special parameter for follow the lane or create the gpx file with the coordinate points to right of stree ect…)

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