Create algorithm with different approaches


I am trying to create 2 algorithms, aside from the one that comes out of the box, one algorithm should return the shortest route (lowest number of KMs) and the seconds algorithm to return the fastest route (lowest amount of total time)

I searched on the discussion forms, most links posted in the answers are broken, any ideas here ?


Can you list those links here?

Hello Peter,

I just realized the content was moved ( for algorithm walk through ) can you help me find the documentation ? I can’t seem to find what I want in graphhopper either. Is there a one stop location for all documentation i can have a look at ?

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It should be all in the ‘docs’ folder of the repo: … see here for the entry point.

Hello Peter,

Thanks for the reply, I have already went through most of code examples, and the getting started page, I have created a couple different scenarios using SimpleExample and Examples with timewindows for example, however, I am looking for documentation on building an algorithm, how do I alter the way JSPRIT thinks ? I see that there is a lot of properties under (createDefaultProperties) like RANDOM_BEST and REGRET_DISTANCE , however, documentation about these properties is not available (at least i couldn’t find it)

I would appreciate if you can guide me to any sort of documentation that helps me build algorithms that help me solve a problem looking for different results.

Much appreciated.

Hello everyone,

Trying to get a better understanding of this, is there a specific acceptance technique that will allow to get shorter distance vs shortest time solutions ?