Control Break with service time and cost

I’m implementing a solution is that the break take service time for by duration as code:

	Break lunch = Break.Builder.newInstance("Lunch")
					.setTimeWindow(TimeWindow.newInstance(startTime, startTime + duration))

And I only have one vehicle type be set with cost parameters as:

	VehicleType type = VehicleTypeImpl.Builder.newInstance("vehicle")

The break is added for every vehicle as:

ArrayList<VehicleImpl> vehicles = new ArrayList<VehicleImpl>();
for(int i = 1; i <= noVehicles; i++) {
  VehicleImpl vehicle = VehicleImpl.Builder.newInstance(type.getTypeId() + " " +i)

So, I want to ask Is there any way I can make the Break still takes the service time, but doesn’t cost.

This is the json file for the problem: problem.json (6.4 KB)