Constraint in route level for profitable routes

I need of profitables routes, so I changed the objective function and there I check economic viability, but I was wondering if economic viability could be a constraint, maybe the heuristic could work better.

The problem:

HardRouteConstraint: that evaluates whether a new job (insertionContext.getJob()) can be inserted existing route.

HardActivityConstraint: that evaluates whether a new activity can be inserted between an activity segment.

In the firsts inserts, the route isn’t profitable yet. I need check not for new job or new Activity, just for a complete route. Is there a better way than check this on SolutionCostCalculator?

After a suggested solution, the heuristic look up for solution cost but if one route isn’t profitable, the solution should be discarded. If there is a way to check by route and not by ( solution, activity, job), would be better.

Does anyone know how to do?

Thank you