Constant recalculation of Contraction Hierachies

Hey there!

I’ve been expanding GH for a while now. Unfortunately I’m still running on a GH Version of 0.8 since this is the version that I forked. Unfortunately one of my most recent experiments started to constantly recalculate the contraction hierarchies. Now I’m just wondering if anyone else ever encountered this issue? It’s obviously easily fixable by just writing the property “prepare.done” as true, but I don’t like this quick fix at all. Do you have any idea what might be issuing this weird behaviour?



I can remember there was a bug. Or maybe it was because the parameter changed from prepare.done to But the version is just too old for us to invest time into it. Maybe you can try to move to 0.10 (easy) or 0.11 (maybe not so easy but better) and see if this helps?