Choose foot route, when it's faster than public transport route

In a case when a foot route is faster then a route on a public transport how to get the faster one? (foot route)

For example, in this case

What magic parameters need to be added to the query? :slight_smile: Can you tell me, where I can read about the parameters of requests for routing on public transport?

I’m currently reducing them to just the right set of parameters, which will also solve this problem. Give me a bit more time.

Something you could try in the meantime is set the constant separateWalkQuery in GraphHopperGtfs.RequestHandler to false (!) in code.

Now the result is as in the picture:

Corrected line:

What else can I do?

Ah, I think we’re almost there:

There’s a hard maximum allowed walking distance, defaulting to 1km. (A few lines down in the code you were looking at, but this one can be passed in the web request).

Maybe relax that to 2km or something?

(This is one of the parameters that should go away. “Typical walking speed” (which is also a parameter) should be enough to approximate one’s willingness to walk.)

This is now happening. But remember to set the maximum allowed walking distance.

Thank you very much!
Can you help me with other task?

And what about public transport speed?