Cannot find point on local GH


I got a “cannot find point” error on my local GH, yet the same point is working in both Graphhopper Maps and OSM website. I suspect that this has something to do with the direction of the traffic as it involves what appears as a one-way road. Any suggestions on how to configure Graphhopper 1.0 to resolve this issue? Thanks!

Take a look at the min_network_size parameter. Depending on your setting some parts of the road network might have been excluded. You can check this using the mvt/debug map layer, as mentioned here: Increasing speeds doesn't have the expected effect on duration. If that does not help the only way anybody will be able to help you is sharing your config.yml file and the map data you are using.

Hello @easbar, much appreciated for your reply. Modifying the min_network_size to 0 resolved another routing issue that we have, but not this one. Will try to work on some parameter and return with config.yml and the map data used.


Have you updated your pbf file and recreated your graph?

Sometimes I’ve found that disconnected roads get included in the update from geofabriks but it gets resolved automatically on their next update.

hi @easbar , is this something related to search radius from destination point? I also facing similar problem on my local graphhopper. I’m looking how to increase the search radius so that it can generates the route to the nearest road from destination point.


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