Bus Routes Problem


Suppose I have bus routes (with their stop points) in KMZ files. I want to create a free service so the users can point two locations and the service will tell them the most optimized way of getting from point A to point B using the buses. E.g.:

Walk from point A to Bus Stop 1234 at Xxx str.
Ride on Bus A11 to Bus Stop 5678 Yyy str.
Switch to Bus B22, Ride until Bus Stop 9000 at Zzz str.
Walk to point B

Summary: 1 switch, 33 KM, 44 Minutes

Do you think it is possible to do this using GraphHopper? How? I think I should match the KMZ routes to OpenStreetMap roads first, then try to use the routing engine. Can you give me advices? Thank you!

Interesting question, I am not an expert on the public transport functionality of GraphHopper, but we can read gtfs files and osm files and can generate multimodal routes (e.g., walking + bus). You might need to create a KMZ reader or convert the KMZ files to GTFS.

I would probably start with GraphHopper GTFS and see if it provides everything you need or if you require more/different options/functions.