Block edges having edgeId

Hi everyone,
My code blocks few edges by setting edge.set(avgSpeedEnc, 0);

LocationIndex locationIndex = hopper.getLocationIndex();
Snap query = locationIndex.findClosest(latitude ,longitude, EdgeFilter.ALL_EDGES);
int edgeId = query.getClosestEdge().getEdge();

//Modify the edge internal graph state
Graph graph = hopper.getGraphHopperStorage();
EdgeIteratorState edge = graph.getEdgeIteratorState(edgeId, Integer.MIN_VALUE);

FlagEncoder carEncoder = hopper.getEncodingManager().getEncoder("car");       
DecimalEncodedValue avgSpeedEnc = hopper.getEncodingManager().getDecimalEncodedValue(EncodingManager.getKey(carEncoder.toString(), "average_speed"));

edge.set(avgSpeedEnc, 0);

Once I request the shortest route, the following (understandable) error happens.

java.lang.IllegalStateException: Speed cannot be 0 for unblocked edge, use access properties to mark edge blocked! Should only occur for shortest path calculation. See #242.

I read about FlagEncoder.setAccess method but I can’t find it in the latest version of the library.

Can you please introduce me the bit of code that blocks a particular edge (starting from the edgeId)?
Thank you in advance

BooleanEncodedValue accessEnc = carEncoder.getAccessEnc();
edge.set(accessEnc, false);
// and for the opposite direction
edge.setReverse(accessEnc, false);
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Thank you very much!

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