Android developer problem about set CH false

Hello i’m android developer about graphhoper.I wangto use Dijkstra and A* without CH.
According to the guide ,I use setCHEnable(false),but it isn’t have a error:java.lang.IllegalStateException: Configured graph.chWeightings: [] is not equal to loaded [fastest|car],so I use
GraphHopper tmpHopp = new GraphHopper().forMobile().setCHEnabled(false);
and GHRequest req = new GHRequest().setVehicle("car").
However it not work either.So i have no idea about it.
Could you please help me?


You’ll need to disable CH when you create the graphhopper files on the desktop too.

Or if you want to disable it per request use:

req.getHints().put(Parameters.CH.DISABLE, true);

Hi~ , I have a same problem.@karussell
And I use :
req.getHints().put(Parameters.CH.DISABLE, true);
and it also has a error called:
Flexible mode not enabled on the server-side
I use the nodes,egdes,geometry…file which is created by ,is it right?
Or I should create a disable CH map data file by some ways?

Thank you very much ! I will try it.

Ah, sure. You need to call hopper.getCHFactoryDecorator().setDisablingAllowed(true) before