What is the difference between iterations <iterations>1024</iterations> and <maxIterations>1024</maxIterations> ?

Also the value in <share>0.5</share> what does it mean? And between each values can I change it?

Also how can I implement this : <prematureBreak> name= "variationCoefficient" </prematureBreak> in the .xml ? I do not know how the variationCoefficient works

iterations = maxIterations
Use maxIterations since iterations is deprecated and will disappear somewhen.

‘share’ is the share of locations/jobs/customers to be ruined in each ruin step, e.g. if you have 100 jobs and your share is 0.5 then 50 jobs will be removed in each iteration (if the according ruin strategy is selected).

Regarding prematureBreak, please read this first:

A description of the variationCoefficient can be found here: