Additional languages for voice navigation

I have set up a local graphhopper API. I have also connected the example android app to that api. When I try to get voice navigation in the slovene language I don’t get any voice output. In the source code of the API I have seen that the navigation does not include localization for the slovene language. Is there a way to add support for my preffered language, or is there just a package that I can import.

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It would be great if you can contribute a translation. I justed looked into the table and I can see a translation for sl_SI. See e.g. the instructions for this route.

Can you have a look into the documentation: and describe where you think the localization is missing?

The configuration for “sl_SI” is inside the TranslationMap object which works for text translation. The text translation works fine for me, but I don’t get any voice instructions. The image below is the code inside This code uses “Locale” for the voice instructions.

The “locale” object is a java.util object which does not contain a Locale for “sl_SI” (image below).

It is probably because of the use of this object for voice navigation that I can’t get any voice instructions when I send the “sl” or “sl_SI” over to the API.

I assume the voice navigation is just text to speech conversion. Maybe just adding my preferred language in “Locales” could do the trick. Or do I need to modify anything else?

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