Add surface-information in the API-response

Hey there,

I am just getting started with GraphHopper and it really looks nice!
I was wondering if it’s possible to append surface information to the output of an API request? So for example if a certain part of a road is asphalt or loose. Or if a road is just a path or a motorway, … Hope you know what I mean :slight_smile:
OSM would have this information, so would be great if it could be added in the output… at least I didn’t see any parameter that I need to append?!?


I’m doing this in my biketour branch, see The changes for this feature were not accepted to the master as far as I remember because the changes were too bicycle specific in general purpose code.

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Nice… looks promising… I’ll check it out! Thx for the hint!

You can have a look into the DataFlagEncoder where we can store this information but currently this is not part of the output, see this issue:

I see, thx for the link @karussell! Do you have any idea when you proposed detail-section with those information will make it into Graphhopper?

No idea. (Important for us but several things are important for us :))

@ratrun I guess the annotation_waytype fields in your API response are the surface-informations? Am I correct? So you have the information about the surface on a per instruction base?