Add external data for custom weighting

I want to add external data like points with accidents or building sites for a custom bike routing. My goal is a “safe” bike routing which prefer eg. cycleways and avoid dangerous areas. For this, I searched for data outside OSM. But what is the best way to integrate it? Is it just possible if I know the OSM IDs?
Afterwards, I would create a custom Weighting function to avoid/prefer these areas.
Thanks a lot in advance!

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@lenaXY, I’m very curious myself if you figured this out. I too am trying to implement a basic preferential weighting to certain streets based on a csv of osm IDs. I know this can be done, and I’m getting better at navigating around the graphhopper files, but I’m not sure how to impliment and extend graphhopper to do this.

Did you have luck yourself?

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