A lot of Steps missing

Hey guys,
It seems like the “Steps” stops after a few minutes…

In this route if you click on each ‘“Step” it stops telling directions after only a quarter of the way there… Is there any way to fix these steps to show every single step?

This is Graphhopper:

And here is Google’s Bicycle Steps for that very same route: You may have to enter the Lat/Long
From: 28.931556 -82.000916 To: 28.847446 -82.013755

Is there any way to fix this?

Thanks for any help on this.

The problem might be due to the fact that we have a rather simplistic turn instruction calculation and the full cycleway is unchanged in name or other parameters we won’t create an instruction yet (again: known issue). You can see this if you slightly change the end point that there are instruction before the finish too.

Thanks for the quick reply.

When I actually click on the very last direction before Finish it is "Turn sharp left, cycleway 12.86km 43min into a 51 minute route…
There are THREE very important tunnels that go under neath the roads that aren’t even mentioned.

Is there Anything we can do? We love Graphhopper…It is a savior for us because we cater to over 130,000 retierd people.
There are over 100 miles of Golf Cart paths in this huge retirement community… We built our app using Graphhoper but we are getting tons of complaints…

Thanks for any help.