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What the mean FleetSize Finite\Infinite again



I have a question regarding the FleetSize parameter mentioned before (What the mean FleetSize Finite\Infinite) .
I just wonder about the reason for the lack of convergence of solutions if only one parameter is changed - FleetSize.

Take a look at describtion of my code in steps:

I was built a problem using “VehicleRoutingProblem” , then size of the fleet was set. In the next step a VehicleRoutingTransportCostsMatrix was added.
Next, a vehicle and the location of the vehicle start was created. The vehicle was implemented in the following way:

VehicleTypeImpl.Builder.newInstance (id_dm) .setProfile (profiles)
.setCostPerWaitingTime (cost) .addCapacityDimension (0, cap_dim1) .addCapacityDimension (1, cap_dim2) .setCostPerDistance (cost_per_d)
.setCostPerServiceTime (cost_per_serv) .setCostPerTransportTime (cost_per_serv_time) .setDimensions (max_len, max_wid, max_hi) .build ();

Tasks and time windows code:

Service.Builder gas = Service.Builder.newInstance (id_za) .setName (id_za);

gaz.addSizeDimension (0, sum_size1) .addSizeDimension (1, sum_size2) .setLocation (location) .setServiceTime (serv_time);
gaz.addTimeWindow (TimeWindow.newInstance (p1, p2));

One HardActivityConstraint was included.

I just run the above steps twice: for the Finite and Infinite parameters.
Can anyone explain to me why results are so different?
Does the Infinite parameter disable restrictions?