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Routing request on public transport without pt.earliest_departure_time


Can I do not specify the “pt.earliest_departure_time” parameter for routing on public transport?
To GraphHopper was looking for a route without regard for time…

I don’t have stop_times.txt, I wrote there random time… And I need to find route without it

Choose foot route, when it's faster than public transport route

Without stop times, you are out of luck, sorry. This is all meant for schedule-based public transport.


This is so sad… can not it be avoided?
what will happen if I set the value of this parameter as 23:59 ? May I misunderstand the meaning of this parameter? could you explain?


This feature plans a trip through a public transport system, where busses, trains etc. go on a fixed schedule. Like this. There is nothing you can do without a departure time or a schedule, because that is what it is about.


I probably asked the wrong question, sorry
what does pt.earliest_departure_time” parameter mean? what does it restrict / change?


It is the time at which you want to travel.


what about Speed of public transport: Speed of public transport ?

Speed of public transport

…is implicit from the schedule. When I know my bus is at stop A at 1:00, and at stop B at 1:24, and I know where stop A and stop B are, what more is there to say about speed?


and how are the values of the PathWrapper.InstructionList.Instruction.time taken?