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Pedestrians not routed through oneway full-height_turnstile


I have mapped a full-height turnstile that allows passing only in one direction (and only for pedestrians), according to
However, GraphHopper does not find the route through that (exit) turnstile, but takes the detour through the main entrance.
Is this a GraphHopeer bug or should I map this in a different way?

Is there a reliable way to declare a path to be oneway for pedestrians?


barriers are blocked unless you specify e.g. access=motor_vehicle.

Furthermore we have deactivated updates since yesterday since we try to migrate a better update pipeline.


So i should add access=foot, correct?


If they are always allowed and you have local knowledge - yes :slight_smile:

Please note, that the migration introduced some problems and so it might not be updated as usual after ~2 days.


Ok, have tried that (I do have local knowledge). Let’s see.


It still does not work. Was the graph updated in the meantime? Can I see anywhere how recent the data is that the GraphHopper instance bases on?