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Map matching with elevation data


Dear community,

I would like to get elevation data along with the regular map matching. According to the documentation, it should be quite easy. However, I do not understand, where I have to put the required line “graph.elevation.provider=srtm”. I copied this line to a new file, but I am not sure where this one has to go.

Can you help me?

Kind regards,


Yes, you put this in the and a new import is necessary:, which requires to remove the area-gh folder

  1. The is a new file that did not exist before. Is that correct? If so, in which subfolder does it have to go?
  2. For a new import, I execute “mvn clean” in the terminal and then I re-execute “./ action=import datasource=./some-dir/osm-file.pbf vehicle=car” with the area I am interested in. Is that correct?


Re 2: ah yes, this seems to be a mismatching between the GH core and map matching repo that we have to fix
Re 2: remove the graph-cache and no mvn clean is necessary