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How to add search bar in offline graphhopper?


I want a search bar at the top of the screen that suggests places then when searched, the map will change map position based on what they search. I have a manila-gh folder for offline.

I’m working with android studio


That’s a more Android development question than closely related to GraphHopper. :slight_smile:
So you’ll find more info in Android documentation guides, for how to use e.g. edit texts.

Regarding actual search (aka Geocoding), there is a GraphHopper online solution to check and for offline a properly structured DB would probably suffice.


Given that I’ve actually coded the search layout. What should i put in DB? I’ve seen this code. How do I call it in the search bar if in case the user managed to search the location. Does the files in the Downloads folder(the -gh folder) supports geocoding so it can be done offline? Thank you!


Files in -gh folder can contain two kinds of data:

  • Mapsforge offline vector maps, for map viewing (not suitable for search)
  • GraphHopper offline graphs, which can be used for routing

So for an offline geocoding solution I think we need a new data structure, as a DB.

If I may post a hint, there is Mapsforge POI API which you can check (and discuss in its forum).


Okay thank you. I’ll research on that!


btw if it’s online, how do i implement the geocoding?


If you’re referring to Mapsforge POI API, it’s offline using SpatiaLite.


This should be already implemented in the java api client. There is geocoding method. You only have to call this method. BTW: You need to signup for an API Key at


Hello, i have the API key already and i’ve checked this java file. How do i get all the string names and geopoints of this using the API key?


You are looking in the wrong file ;). Here are some examples from the client tests:

For that you have to use the client and not graphhopper itself.


Oh thank you! I’ve tried adding this to my dependency compile "com.graphhopper:directions-api-java-client-geocoding:0.9-SNAPSHOT" but it won’t build.


Not sure if that version exists